Saturday 9 August

Join a party of 6 guests with SocietyDining at Chabrot Bistrot d’Amis. Chabrot showcases the elegant simplicity of traditional, good value, Southern French bistrot dishes.

“Chabrot is small and demure, and perfectly slathered in Parisian bistro tropes and clichés. But it is done with such precision and intent and fondness that you can not begrudge it. The tablecloths are white with red stripes. There is a big mirror upon which is written up the specials of the day, and a wine list which has heard of a few places that are not France, but only in passing. And yes, the menu does the classics with no shame. There are snails. There is 45-day aged sirloin with beurre Maitre d’hôtel. It is French with a bloody thick accent, the sort that could only be perfected by a chef from the southwest of the country, where they take these things seriously.”

The Guardian

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Bookings no longer allowed on this date.


On the night

We host until starters arrive so you can take it easy and enjoy.
Order what you want from the menu.
Pay for what you order minus your £25 pre-paid deposit.



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